Wood Refinishing and  Restoration


Kuhl Wood Refinishing takes pride in the work we do and the opportunity to preserve cherished family heirlooms or repair a piece to its original state.

Here are a few testimonials from our loyal customers.

Review from Yelp for Business Owners:
We got our table top back today and it looks awesome. They took our dining table that showed years of use and turned it into a better than new table top. Dennis and his partner were easy to work with and they knew what had to be done to get the table top to look new again. They mix their own stain and the results were outstanding. Finally Dennis said he would have my table top done and delivered back to us in a week and it was.

Hank R.

Thank you for your masterful work. My husband came home after you worked on our dining room table and completed the other touch ups, and he was as amazed as I had been upon seeing it. Your work is flawless and beautified our table perfectly. We had been hesitant to buy a used dining room set as we were unsure we could fix the issues associated with it. However, you made it look new, and we are so excited to serve guests once again.

Many thanks to you for your quality work, integrity, and craftsmanship.


Dear Dennis,
Everytime you come into our home you make things beautiful.  You are an artist as well as a creaftsman.  Your work is extraordinary.  We are very pleased with the front doors and are inspired to add a new step and ultraviolet windows to enhance and preserve your work.  May God continue to bless you with wisdom, patience, and strength.

Maria | Naperville, IL

Today I saw the desk you refinished for my father.  It looks fantastic!!  You really did a nice job.  This was a desk he used when he was growing up and it meant a lot to us to have it refinished with such care and looking so great.  Thank you so much.

Patty | Plainfield, Illinois

The chair looks great!  Thank you!

Barb | OakBrook, IL

Dear Dennis,
Thanks for doing such nice work on the mirrors for me … I really appreciate it!

Barb | Naperville, IL

Dear Mr. Kuhl,
My daughter-in-law Gail called me and said she had stopped to see her grandmother’s table and was pleased.  Thank you very much.

Genevieve | Wheaton, IL

Dear Brian and Dennis,
I want to thank you both for the outstanding job of refinishing you did for me this past week.  My oak pedestal table and poplar chairs have never looked better (and believe me, I’ve known these pieces --- first in my grandmother’s Pennsylvania kitchen, then in my own home in Illinois --- for a good long time!)  Hopefully this will be their final bout with the sander though, or as my husband likes to point out, we’ll all wind up sitting on the floor! Now I need to look around our house for the next item(s) that are in need of your artistic attention ………

Susan | Anna, IL

Hi Dennis:

When you returned my table after you had refinished it, I was so thrilled at how beautiful it was. However, each day as I clear it off after meals, I still admire it - "My goodness this table is stunning." I love it more each day! I believe this is a testimonial to your superior workmanship.


Hi Dennis,

Our two-tone table and chairs look so perfect in our newly remodeled kitchen. You did such a great job making them match. We've passed your name along to a number of friends. Thank you so much!


Hi Dennis,

I can’t wait to see the “new” chest. As usual, I know you’ve done a masterful job.

Ellen | Sarasota, FL