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You should only trust an expert for Tabletop Refinishing. Naperville, IL clients know that Kuhl Wood Refinishing has the expertise to properly handle your Tabletop Repair.

Naperville, IL clients appreciate that Kuhl Wood Refinishing takes the time to investigate exactly what work needs to be done. Many times, the entire piece isnít damaged Ė only the top surface of your tabletop is damaged, so only that area is in need of Tabletop Refinishing. Naperville, IL residents appreciate that we take the time to discover what is really in need of refinishing and that is the only work we recommend doing in the area of Tabletop Repair.

Naperville, IL residents are glad that Kuhl Wood Refinishing has over 100 years combined experience and have the ability to match stain color, distressing, and sheen. We only uses the highest quality finishing products that are water resistant and stain resistant so your tabletop will look its best and you will be able to treasure it for years to come.

Kuhl Wood Refinishing offers prompt service, quick turnaround times, and furniture pick-up and delivery.

If you are in need of Tabletop Refinishing in Naperville, you need to look no further than Kuhl Wood Refinishing for help. Contact us today at 630.922.3203 and letís talk about how we can help you with your Tabletop Repair project in Naperville.