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Itís important to work with someone with expertise in Furniture Refinishing. Naperville, IL clients appreciate that Kuhl Wood Refinishing has expertise doing premier quality Furniture Repair.

Naperville, IL clients want to work with someone who appreciates the value of their furniture and who has extensive experience in Furniture Repair. Naperville, IL residents appreciate that Kuhl Wood Refinishing has over 100 years of combined experience in this area.

Our process is thorough so you get results that will delight you. We start by hand-stripping all furniture with a paste stripper in order to preserve the finest veneers and the glue originally used. We use solvent to wash the furniture in order to preserve the patina and not raise the grain. At Kuhl Wood Refinishing, we will only use different bleaching products when it is absolutely necessary to remove stains in the wood or when a bleached finish is requested by the customer. Taking good care of your furniture and doing what you want done is how Kuhl Wood Refinishing handles Furniture Touchup.

When we sand furniture, it is done with state-of-the-art sanding materials. We donít just use machines, but also sand by hand to give a smooth base. We apply stains in various stages of the process to provide depth and add character. When a close pore finish is required, we use sealers and grain fillers, but only when required in Furniture Repair. Naperville, IL clients appreciate that we top-coat with catalyzed lacquer in a sheen of your choice Ė not the lacquer we have the most of in the shop.

We offer sprayed finishes ranging from dead flat matte to semi-gloss, with options for hand rubbed to machine buffed high gloss finish. Painted furniture doesnít just get one coat Ė it gets a primer coat, a color coat, and sometimes glazes and toners followed by a top-coat. When we are using alternative finishing, we first use a rigorous cleaning process on the piece and we scratch sand it for proper adhesion of the new finish. The piece can be touched up, glazed and toned to bring back the original color of your choice. The piece is then top-coated for a finished look. This is the process that we use to delight our customers with Furniture Refinishing.

Naperville, IL clients who are in search of premier Furniture Repair should contact Kuhl Wood Refinishing today at 630.922.3203 and see how we can help you with your Furniture Touchup project in Naperville.