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Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing / Kitchen Cabinet Touchup / Kitchen Cabinet Painting Glen Ellyn, IL

Kitchen Cabinet Services

Kitchen cabinets happen to be one of the largest investments in your home. Like everything else in your home, your kitchen cabinets need to be maintained. You need to have a trusted partner with expertise in Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing.

Glen Ellyn, IL homeowners know that Kuhl Wood Refinishing will come to your home to help you with Kitchen Cabinet Touchup. Glen Ellyn, IL residents are happy that we also offer partial refinishing and color changes. These can be an economical solution for you.

There are a number of options available. We may choose to apply a paint or glazed finish for that high-end look you desire. We could decide to strip only the imperfect areas and clean and recoat your entire kitchen. If we are working on your kitchen doors and drawers (which typically make up about 80% of your cabinetry), we will bring the kitchen doors and drawers back to our shop for Kitchen Cabinet Repainting. Glen Ellyn, IL clients are happy that we do our work in a thorough manner. We will clean, glaze and apply a water base low odor topcoat to the in-home cases. We are also able to replace hardware so you can have the look of a new kitchen without having the mess or cost.

Glen Ellyn, IL homeowners need to work with an expert for Kitchen Cabinet Painting, Kitchen Cabinet Touchup and Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing. Kuhl Wood Refinishing can expertly recommend which approach is best for you, depending on what you need and on your budget. Contact us at 630.922.3203 today and letís speak about how we can serve you.